Welcome to my website, as you may see it is very devoid of things for the eyes.
As much good as services like Squarespace are, they limit the
creativity of the internet with their sanitized presentation.
Long gone are the days where everyone took a hands-on approach to make
their own websites, there are people these days that are taking on that idea
but overall the whole experience is gone.

I want to experience and help others experience the good time that is
visiting a personal website and having others become inspired to 
try it out as well.
Thanks to Neocities we can somewhat have the experience people used to
in the 1990's internet, keep an eye out on my site as I expand it
and add new content.

Who is this person?

Well, I go by many names but for the sake of consistency just call me "Bloom". I am a very dedicated hobbyist in many fields such as drawing irl/digitally, sewing, Vaporwave, knitting and other things. I am a very skinny, dude looking girl that is never taken seriously; despite the fact of that curse I am determined to make my life be one worthy of living.

This website has secrets in every corner, as it develops you will be able to explore my world and my interests :)

Please sign my guest book! I wanna read your feedback on my site!