Bazookistan The Almighty


生年月日 1988年7月28日

身長 166cm

サイズ B92 / W60 / H91 / S25.0

血液型 AB

出身地 ?

趣味 DJ

特技 メイク DJ

Heyy there... Welcome

If you found how to get here, congrats I guess. As creepy as this section might feel, it's no different than any normal person's celebrity adoration. I really grew fond of Hijiri, I was always keeping an eye out for whenever a new photoshoot of hers would come up. Bazookistan really inspired me to grow out of the box I was shoved into by the people around me. You'd very likely think bad of me for it, but I feel bad she left around 2016 without saying a word to the people that followed her, unlike the many other publications and personalities that stopped publishing around that time she erased everything that involved her [except for the media obtained by webzines, Gurechara, the work she did as a Model for Takuya Angel and an old Photozou account that mirrored her twitter]. I constantly dreamed of this person and we got along even if we were a bit distant. I wanted to be around this person and get to know them but life is not too generous to me when it comes to time. As soon as I am able to do the things I want they will leave and that is just my reality. Hijiri will always be the friend I will never have.